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What Is A Blanket Policy

Posted on 13 August, 2017
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bestmealdiets.pw -What Is A Blanket Policy Blanket Policy. Definition - What does Blanket Policy mean? A blanket policy is a form of property insurance that covers more than one type of property at one location, or the same type at various locations, or multiple types at multiples locations. It allows the policyholder to extend the coverage of a basic homeowner's policy.

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What Is A Blanket Policy y? definition of blanket policy .... In the law of fire insurance. A policy which contemplates that the risk is shifting, fluctuating, or varying, and is applied to a class of property, rather than to any particular article or thing. 1 Wood, Ins. International Business Law. Auto Insurance Definitions.

What does blanket insurance cover?. If you are a landlord and you own multiple apartment units, a blanket policy can provide a single limit for all properties. The maximum amount payable under the policy is divided among all the properties. If you are a franchise owner and you own several fast food restaurants, all at different locations,

What is a blanket insurance policy?. START HERE. Blanket insurance policy is a single insurance policy either for at least two different kinds of property in the same location, for the same kind of property in at least two different locations, or for both. When you pay for a blanket insurance policy, you do not have to identify the matter covered in the insurance,

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